This is my poster for the Allan Collins talk =)

Not standing in fires

In class today, we were talking about awareness. I can be aware of something but once I become aware of it, I am becoming aware of my awareness. I can switch back and forth but I can never be just aware again.

Room 525

In my Critical Qualitative Inquiry course, I needed to include a picture of site for my study. =)

New Media is the A-Team

I know I should not do this but I must brag. I loved doing my homework this week and I had no problem spending as much time as I did on the Scratch project. Scratch is recommended for students at least 8 years old. I would not normally note the age consideration except for the fact that I was really frustrated that an 8-year old was doing incredible work and all I could make was my cat move 10 steps. I tried to take a systemic approach at creating a music video at first. I would add sprites and attempt to make them do something cute. There was so much fail that I am not sure how to even address it.

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